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October 7, 2011

Post Office Woes

It's time to check ourselves and stop oppressing the Post Office budget!

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October 6, 2011

Still NO on I-1183

I posted about this on 8/31/2011 but it is worth repeating over and over! This initiative will hurt all of us. Over a thousand jobs lost, minors will have increased access to hard liquor, and we the taxpayers lose. In towns and cities where we have cut police patrols, we cannot protect our communities from the increase in drunk driving. In stores that are cutting back staff (but making billions...don't get me started there), no one can possible stop it from being stolen off aisle 5 next to the light bulbs, and in mini-mart chains that use the loopholes to get liquor again it will be stolen and the store employees put in harms way.

Then there is the cost to the budget. Our state loses out on the sales revenue. That money goes in to educating our kids, patrolling our freeways, and paying the state government salaries. Are you listening state congressmen and senators?

This is not what Washington needs!
I beg you, vote No on I-1183