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August 31, 2011

Not Another Liquor Initiative....No-I1183

I just can't belive it.  After losing not once but twice last year, Costco and it's other big store partners are at it again to put hard liquor in their stores.  Didn't they learn anything last year?  I guess not!
To keep it short and sweet:

NO on I-1183

August 9, 2011

Added option for a blog newsletter

I added an option to the bottom of my blog to signup for a blog newsletter.  I'll start sending it as soon as people signup.  I'm aiming for monthy newsletters!

The ride is coming to a close

Thursday my cousin's daughter is being moved to her sister's grandmother's house.  I'm kinda sad even though it's what she wants.  I hope she is happy.  It sucks that the move is going to be made on my birthday though.

Also that day I have my annual eye appointment...finally.  I've been waiting for 2 weeks!
The upside to this is that I will have at least one review to post.