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January 12, 2011

6 month rollup for what's been going on.

August:   Got a new computer since the motherboard on my last one died in the middle of a BIOS flash.  Another HP from Fry's and I like it.  Turned the old one in to a Windows Home Server with a new motherboard.  Also bought a Technet Standard subscription.  For my birthday we went to Point Defiance Zoo.  Pictures availible on my photos page
September:  Kelly also got a new computer to replace his Mac G4 running OS 10.4 (Tiger).  For his birthday, we went to Woodland Park Zoo.  Pictures availible on my photos page
October:  Not much of interest except finding a pair of football pants at Ross.
November:  Going to to my least favorite time of year.  Work gets slow for me but crazy for the rest of the store.  Hello late hours, goodbye sleep.  Also had some of the worst snow in a long time.Thanksgiving was nice and quiet.
December:  No snow and crazier hours!
Christmas was again nice and quiet.

January (month to date):  Taking some time off this last weekend and more next week.  Had a jury summons, but court was canceled.  Not to worry though, I got a new summons for Febuary....sigh.

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