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June 8, 2010

I swear people have it out for me!

People at work know I always get the crazys when I go places...well today was no different! I'm in line at Costco (I know but the prices are good on toilet paper and we didn't heckle them too much at the I-1100 booth) and we had missed that the new coupon book wasn't in effect yet. Our cashier was totally rude about it. Instead of something like "I'm sorry" or a "by the way" we got the "stupid people can't read!" We almost left all of the stuff we were buying right there. I know some high up people in Costco (hense the great disapointment usually) and that is not the way they are trained to act. I've gotten better service at Nordstrom and I get crappy service at Nordstrom.

Maybe I expect too much....

Screw that...I expect too little! Maybe I see stupid people because I expect them to be stupid. I haven't been wrong yet!

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