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June 27, 2010

Parade Day

Today is the Seattle Out and Proud parade on 4th ave downtown. The theme this year is Over the Rainbow. How many Oz characters will there be??? Expecting to see places to sign for I-1098 at least if not the pot one too. Come on sun! I don't want to get wet. Pictures will be posted later to flicr and smugmug so non-Seattle visitor can oogle the hot guys too!

June 22, 2010

I just got finished updating my website about the fight to say NO on I-1100 and I-1105. Also here is a link to the flyer from UFCW Local 21 and Keep our Kids Safe Coalition.

June 21, 2010

Discussions about the 2 ballot measures

"@pnwlocalnews A nice overview of both Washington liquor privitization initiatives (and the arguments against)"

Working right now to update my webpage about these two.
The heat is on to see if either can get the required number of signatures in time.

June 9, 2010

Beautiful Bulgarian Girl Playing Bagpipe Kaba Gaida Каба Гайда

I love any kind of piping!
Love the freak thunderstorm when I'm shopping. It finished off the worst trip to SuperMall. There is just nothing here anymore.

June 8, 2010

I swear people have it out for me!

People at work know I always get the crazys when I go places...well today was no different! I'm in line at Costco (I know but the prices are good on toilet paper and we didn't heckle them too much at the I-1100 booth) and we had missed that the new coupon book wasn't in effect yet. Our cashier was totally rude about it. Instead of something like "I'm sorry" or a "by the way" we got the "stupid people can't read!" We almost left all of the stuff we were buying right there. I know some high up people in Costco (hense the great disapointment usually) and that is not the way they are trained to act. I've gotten better service at Nordstrom and I get crappy service at Nordstrom.

Maybe I expect too much....

Screw that...I expect too little! Maybe I see stupid people because I expect them to be stupid. I haven't been wrong yet!

June 1, 2010

Costco has gone too far!

I go in to Costco today knowing that they are backing I-1100. I think they are going too far with a table staffed by Costco inside the door. You have the right to have a table outside. I'd even accept a table with information inside. But, when I'm asked by a Costco employee inside before I even have a chance to begin shopping, that is a step too far.

I think my mom agreed because she gave the guy a piece of her mind. He asked if we wanted to sign and then got an attitude when she responded with "you don't want me to answer." So she gave him about 5 minutes worth of reason why I-1100 shouldn't even get to ballot. When he tried to get a word in (by the way he didn't actually get more then 3 words in), all he was talking about was lower cost and how it would help Costco.

I hope people wake up really soon and see that Costco doesn't want to modernize Washington, they want to sell hard liquor! They don't care that we can't afford to loose the revenue, they want to sell hard liquor! Why not just say that! Instead of a sign that says "we support I-1100, sign to put this on the ballot," have a sign that says "Costco wants to sell you your hard liquor in bulk!"

You can see my webpage dedicated to the subject here and check the UFCW Local 21 page here