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September 7, 2012

The UFCW Blog: Longest Serving Employee in Macy's History Retires...

The UFCW Blog: Longest Serving Employee in Macy's History Retires...: Can you imagine working in the days when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in the White House and the biggest movie at the box-office was The Wi...

April 24, 2012

Starting to put updates from bargaining on my forum page.

I will include information on proposals from both sides as well as polls when we have questions for the members. You will also be able to register to post questions to the team. They will be answered either in post comments or by one of the bargaining team directly to you.

January 31, 2012

The twins have arrived at

Joseph and Madisyn have arrived! Pictures are at  You can go directly to the album at

January 20, 2012

Bread Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I couldn't resist re-posting this item from Not Always Right

Bread Is In The Eye Of The Beholder:

(Bakery | Australia)

Manager: *laughing* “You’re gonna love this. There was a complaint against you.”

Me: “Oh, okay?”

Manager: “Apparently you…um, package bread sticks suggestively.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Manager: “Yeah. This is what the actual complaint says: ‘She slid the bread stick into the paper bag while looking at my husband and smiling. I just know she was trying to flirt with him! We couldn’t even eat it, thanks to that hussy!’”

(My manager and I crack up laughing. I’m a lesbian.)

December 24, 2011

This coming year, let's make the big banks and evil corporations feel the hurt!

I have nothing against the Occupy movement. I have nothing against the idea of the Tea Party. What I have a problem is with the people that complain and do nothing. In recent articles, the super rich calls us out as lazy. They say our protests are an annoyance but they don't do anything. They are part right. We are spending too much time worrying about making ends meet, we don't have the drive to act like we should.

For 2012, we need to make a statement to the super rich. Pay what we pay, or we will take it all away from you.

How do you ask? Well...
1) move to a locally based bank or credit union
2) shop and eat local
3) avoid adding more debt that you can't pay by buying trash
4) buy American
5) buy union

Will that change everything? No. But, it will start us out in the right direction.

1) Changing banks will actually take your money away from them. At my credit union, I get higher interest on my money then any big bank would give me.  Because I'm not investing thousands of dollars, big banks don't give me the time of day. If you can, move your credit cards and loans there too.

2) Shopping and eating local is harder. If you can, shop at a locally owned store that sells food grown near you. It may be a little more but you helping those that want to help you too.  I won't get in to the way our food is grown in this list, but I will in the future.

3) Start a war on the useless garbage and the substandard quality we all seem to accept. Why do we buy stuff that doesn't last as long as it should? Read the box, see what the manufacturer says it should last. In my field of expertise, I will give two examples.
The first is the promotional mattress. I sell you a mattress for $339. It has a 1year warranty. Next to it is a better made bed for $399. It has a 10 year warranty. Are you worth $60?  Is nine years worth $60?
Second is the 22" carry-on piece of luggage. For $69.99, I can sell you a carry-on that will last you about a year. You bought this same style of bag every year for the last 8 Christmas seasons. I could sell you a bag for $199.99 that will last an average of five to six years. Or, I sell you a bag with a lifetime of 3rd party damage repairs for $399.99. A bag the heavy business will never *need* to replace.  A small investment now means that you can keep your bag longer.

4) If it wasn't made here, why buy it here? In the above examples I describe mattresses that are on the bargain end of the price scale.  The part I left out is that those beds were both made by the same company in Portland, OR, by a factory I have personally visited.  However, that luggage I described is all made in Asia.  Finding luggage made on this side of the planet is hard.  Not impossible is we the consumer demand US made products.  Check out the basic things next time you are shopping and look for US made products.

5)  The last one is a little more heated in some circles.  Not all people believe unions help the worker and many believe it drives the cost of business higher.  I disagree...but you knew that already.  I am very pro-union because it does create an important set of rules that go above and beyond the minimum level of care an employer has to put in.  It levels the playing field when people get raises, ensures more people have proper medical coverage, and most importantly creates a support network for making sure they are treated fairly.

If we can do all 5 of those things, I believe we can make sure the "Job Creators" get the message we are tired of being dumped on.  No more trash products.  We gave these people their power and we can take it back!

November 21, 2011

Spirits may run low as a result of I-1183 *linked story*

Ready or not Washington, this is what you asked for!

The following news story I find to be extremely funny.

November 9, 2011

Thank you for nothing...good, at least

I want everyone to know how pissed off I am!  I thought the voters of Washington were smarter.  I knew we could not be bought.  I was totally wrong!
Costco has won and we are screwed!
I hope you are happy because I'm ready to barf.

Day of mourning to be announced later.

October 7, 2011

Post Office Woes

It's time to check ourselves and stop oppressing the Post Office budget!

Link Below:

October 6, 2011

Still NO on I-1183

I posted about this on 8/31/2011 but it is worth repeating over and over! This initiative will hurt all of us. Over a thousand jobs lost, minors will have increased access to hard liquor, and we the taxpayers lose. In towns and cities where we have cut police patrols, we cannot protect our communities from the increase in drunk driving. In stores that are cutting back staff (but making billions...don't get me started there), no one can possible stop it from being stolen off aisle 5 next to the light bulbs, and in mini-mart chains that use the loopholes to get liquor again it will be stolen and the store employees put in harms way.

Then there is the cost to the budget. Our state loses out on the sales revenue. That money goes in to educating our kids, patrolling our freeways, and paying the state government salaries. Are you listening state congressmen and senators?

This is not what Washington needs!
I beg you, vote No on I-1183

September 30, 2011

Wolf Haven Trip

We went to Wolf Haven in Tenino, WA on 9/29 and took some incredible pictures. You can check them at

Enjoy but please do not download the pictures!

New food review

Posted new food review

September 13, 2011

And a Ham is branded!

Say hello to KF7ROS!
My call came up on the FCC database this afternoon and I am excited.  It's not so bad that I need a vanity call thank goodness!
Finally ordered a handy-talkie from HRO today.  I got the Wouxun KG-UV3D-2/UHF and am looking forward to making my first contact.
I'll be listening/watching Ham Nation with a different frame of mind from now on that's for sure!

73 and see you on the air!

September 7, 2011

HAM Test

Went down to the Seattle Chapter of the American Red Cross to do my ARRL ham radio exam.
The results:
Technician:    PASS
General:        FAIL  (not a surprise since I didn't really study)

I should be getting my call letters in about a week.
Now to pick out a nice handheld radio...

I'll keep you posted!

August 31, 2011

Not Another Liquor Initiative....No-I1183

I just can't belive it.  After losing not once but twice last year, Costco and it's other big store partners are at it again to put hard liquor in their stores.  Didn't they learn anything last year?  I guess not!
To keep it short and sweet:

NO on I-1183